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14 October 2012 @ 08:39 pm
Ok. So the fair's been over and done with. We all survived. Going back to the slow rumble of year round  events again. Today was a pretty big event, got my 8 hr shift in, yippie. Saw Marliz's brother Mark finally, messed with him a little bit. Saw my BFF Jason. Two days ago Jason and I kicked it at our Oktoberfest. It blew, but we had some beer and bonded for a few hours. I seriously love that dude. Some chaos at our event today, lot's of angry customers. What else is new. Also, saw the guy I liked. Here's the big update.  Last week, I worked our hotel Gate. I had to dress up in slacks and a blouse. Everyone was trying to take pictures of me. I guess I really do dress manly every other day at work. Anyway, worked with my friend Sol and SAW Bryan finally .We worked together. Long story short, I told Sol I liked him. When I left a little later to cover his older brother's spot for a bit, Sol told me she told him I liked him. Insert awkwardness here. So the kid knew I dug him. I told him I was gunna add him on facebook. Later that night, he gave me his number. And we've been texting nonstop eversince. He even called me the other night. The night I went to Oktoberfest. At like 2am after he came home from work. We talked till like 5 am. I don't know where this thing is going but I'm pretty sure it's too late for me. I finally saw him again today since we've been talking and it was freaking awkward. I literally ran away. I've become shy around him in person. Erika's love life strikes again. 

That's it for now. Feel like I'm catching a cold. I never have time to rest a anymore, so this is gunna be great. 

Peace Out, LJ 
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10 January 2012 @ 06:21 pm
'Member when I said this new year was starting off with a bit of a whimper? It seems it's about to come in full swing. I should have realized that I was still on vacation, but that's about to end in 1 day's time with school and work. 

Blaaah, but at least now I can go see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and then Haywire right after. 2012 has some good movies come out. 

There goes my money. 

Guess it's good I got a credit card now. 

Oh, but I am pissed my bff won't be with me at work any longer. Now who is going to make fun of the customers with me? 
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08 January 2012 @ 12:27 am

A new god damn year. 

Given that 2011 was the busiest and craziest year of my life, I am a bit nervous to see what this year has to offer me. It's already been starting off with a bit of a groan and whimper so oh god, that's all i can say. 

alright. off to bed. Can't sleep so I'm sipping on some rum and...who knows really. I've been drinking a lot lately, now that I think about it. 

Oh well. 
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09 December 2011 @ 06:22 pm
Hello LJ. Just a quick update here, as I wait for my German disc to load. 

Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago. I am so thankful for my amazing and supporting family that all came down to our house and helped gobble up the damn delicious turkey my sister and mother spent all day making. The ham, was another story, but I shall not go there.

I'm currently in the middle of taking my finals. This is the most stressed I've been all semester, which is no fun. I need to pass Math so I can hurry up and transfer out already. I am going to miss my physical anthropology class, but I think I'm pretty confident in picking it up as a major, so we shall see. 

Work has been good. Like always, my boss is crazy and I love him along with all my other  crazy coworkers. So naturally I fit right in. I also got invited to a Christmas party next week. Since we have our own city of workers, I'm pretty excited for the epic feasts that are bound to happen. 

Um, Christmas break is coming up. I haven't seen much of my friends due to my nonexistent social life so here's hoping I can see everyone during holiday break. I miss Dez, so a sleepover is already in the works. I also plan on seeing John. I can't believe it's been a year now since I've met him, and half a year for Dez. And the old gang, hopefully I can see them as well.

But right now, my weekend consists of: studying, going to the museum with my mother and sister, more studying, and German. 

Next weekend is, for now: cooking party/drinking party, Christmas party/FOOD, tamale making/alcohol? and who knows what else knowing my family. 

Ok good enough. 
Later, livejournal. 
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06 November 2011 @ 11:02 am
I've had no personal life lately. School and work have been eating me up, body and soul.

I need some time off. I need to be able to relax. I need to be able to breathe again.

This year is catching up to me, and I feel myself slipping.

I need to be in next term already. I need to make more money.

Life is so confusing right now, all I can do is try and hold on.

I need to draw again.  
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